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Misguided Sprays from Cynthia’s Eyes.

When anger gets accommodation on a face thunder is lying beneath.

When the missiles directed at a prey strays that’s misguided sprays.

Blessed had issues with her colleague Cynthia and that was potential missiles on miles, “You’re very selfish,” Blessed thundered and that was the trigger and then missiles began flying back and forth … Blessed finally stormed out of the office and shut the door on Cynthia’s face.

That was a punch below the belt and Cynthia’s blood boiled and her mind steamed. A combo of anger and thunder is worse than hunger.

Adrenaline was streaming along Cynthia’s blood and she was spoiling for a serious fight.

Women are queens and hardly convert their palms to slaps or ball their fists to throw punches at each other and so she quickly gathered all the weapons sleeping and snoring in her eyes. Cynthia was a skilled fighter when it comes to using eyes to hunt her preys yet she borrowed more weapons from her mum and sisters’ eyes and amassed in her own eyes.

The door opened once again and Cynthia was ready to detonate her own rage. Her eyes flew and detonated and shrapnel, missiles came for Blessed but Blessed was blessed beyond the sprays and the weapons sent to her went astray.

It was their boss, Barry not Blessed and the weapons in Cynthia’s eyes hit Barry on the face and his mind staggered. He was astonished and as he searched Cynthia’s face closely for cues and clues the latter quickly dropped all her weapons and her eyes raised their hands up and she quietly and slowly voiced, “Oh, sorry sir I thought it was someone else …!”

And Barry heaved a deep sigh of relief and I heard here in my apartment. What about you?

Hope your day was beautiful?

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