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ThrowbackThursday #tbt (Video Player and Cassette on the Spotlight)

Video player with cassette.

If today’s manufacturers, businesses, entrepreneurs fail to move ahead of time or with time, in mater of time  many of them will run out of business or possibly go bankrupt and in reality some businesses in the past had closed shop but for diverse reasons.

To stay on top of your game in business and dictate the pace your think tank department, team must be eclectic, flexible and dynamic. They need to be inventive, innovative and maverick.

Research. innovations. Inventions.

Many visionary business leaders may see or have an idea of businesses, products and services that might become hot cakes in 2029 – a decade away.

Diskettes, cassette, video player … had all gone extinct but they were once manufactured by some organizations.

When we were young elderly men were the barbers and they used devices which were advanced than blade and comb but below clipper. But nowadays youths are the barbers and many of them are students, some are aspiring musicians, actors or comedians and their barbing salons are nice and exotic.

The earth moves round the sun; time sprints; and so don’t rest on your oars in love and life.

Photo credit: Shutterstock/aperturesound



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