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Cash, Cheque as Automatic Money.

Cash in hand is money and gift.

Cash gifts is invite to smiles but when the cash is crisp and fresh and minty the smiles get bigger and brighter.

Some people detest dogs, cats … hate members of other religions, dislike villages, some cities … have allergens for some foods and drinks but I doubt if anyone detests money?

It’s a life of energy and I’m using same to type this article right now and yes money (paper) is literally energy and figuratively it’s energy, power as well or why do many (maybe most) people call wealthy people, big?

Fingers are members of our hands and our hands can do good or bad but a typically good person will ideally have ‘good fingers, hands’.

Now if you give someone money you handed your time and sweat to such and the person will instinctively, ultimately smile and let out gratitude with, “Thank you!”

The hands of givers are up and recipients down, but in some cases both hands may horizontally be at par but hardly will you see the hand of the giver down and the recipient up.

Cash, cheque allows you to see the response or reaction of the recipients. Gratitude, satisfaction, smiles, sighs, ‘Thank you …!”

Money sent on air via transfer, physical payment … over lands and overseas ends in credit alert and the recipient sees and feels and may later respond with SMs, calls, emails or both and they are usually mobile-gratitude.

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