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Gifts as Continuum.

Transporters, traders, barbers, artisans … make their money on a daily basis.

The ideal spectrum of salary range from #10,000:00 to #10,000,000:00 but sure it could less or more.

It’s May 10 and some workers are receiving credit alerts on their phones right now – and that’s sign of paid salaries and interestingly some had received and collected theirs 15 days earlier … the time you pay your workers salaries may not mean much compared to not paying, owing or over-delaying the payment.

Nonetheless remember salaries paid as and when due is usually the best!

Gifts come in their diversities – love and reciprocation of same, jobs, marriage proposal, money, cars, properties … and of course divine gifts – life, air, water, health and healing, mercy, grace ….

Now because some gifts are not actually free we label some free. And providence comes readily to mind because God gave us many free gifts and incidentally they are the most expensive gifts in life.

When it’s not free gifts. Business-owners, companies sometimes do promos which is expressed in discounts, freebies to their current customers and future clients but these gifts are not open to all but loyal customers and new customers and many times it’s to attract potential customers and retain old ones, to enhance their profit- margin in the long run.

On a good day salaries or wages are not gifts but compensation for sweat or labour which comes up when time goes down, therefore salaries and wages are the resources paid to staff, employees, partners or business associates for this sacrifice.

Now when you pay your employers their wages, salary in cash or credit (bank) they smile and some even say, “Oga we saw your alert yesterday, thank you sir/ma!” and yes some bosses, managers, businessowners also thank their staff for good jobs and that’s also a gift.

House keys, car keys may be literally small but they are usually the biggest because they are just tip of the ice-berg and beneath the surface they are heavy heavy.

Photo credits: REUTERS/Nyancho NwaNri/Deposit Photos


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