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Interpreting Physical Events with Spiritual Minds (PPD Mode) II

Mum and baby having quality time..

Talking point:

Hadiza is suffering from PPD: Postpartum Depression, and just like the conventional depression, its victims didn’t fancy the idea of feeling sad, bad and didn’t choose to but the disorder gatecrashes and bullies them leaving them helpless, hopeless and their victims may languish in overwhelming anxiety, self-pity, apathy, sadness … and not unconnected with suicide thoughts. ….

Reaction to a bad event in life is sadness not depression but sadness could actually trigger depression.

Now PPD is different from a lady let’s label her Nancy confronting, combating the challenges of unintended pregnancy and transferring her hate and aggression to her baby. Other mums will experience ‘love at sight’ but in Nancy’s case it’s ‘hate at sight’.

Need I say Nancy chose to hate her baby because other women in her shoes (unintended pregnancy …) could forgive themselves and forget the past to embrace their babies.

To substantiate my argument in PPD the reaction isn’t voluntary, never convictions but compulsion.

More like your system pushing urine into your bladder and the urge to release the wastes automatically comes.

That analogy explains the difference between PPD sufferers and women who voluntarily detest their babies because of the circumstances surrounding their pregnancy or birth.

To add insults to the injuries of PPD (patients) they feel guilty not loving and caring for their babies but why should depressives feel bad for helplessly feeling sad?

I believe illiterates and semi-literates are surrounded by literates and so the latter demographics should help, I believe medics usually tell their patients, significant others to return to the hospital should they notice anything unusual ….

Now that you’re reading this, extend to families, friends and nursing mums.

Did you also know that some illiterates are very smart because when they experience anything strange they pick their phones and call their family members who are read and sometimes they go straight to hospitals to narrate their ordeal and it’s big deal and deserves commendation.

Illiteracy is a mistake … another grave mistake shouldn’t follow.

Illiterates can’t read and write but they hear our indigenous languages and so encouraging them to listen to radio will help them remarkably well. This unlettered demographics that patronize radio are enlightened illiterates and they show loads of promise and are relatively informed.

They are kings, queens in their cliques after all in the land of the blind the one with one eye people say is king.

The illiterate class in our society and across all regions in Nigeria are members of our families and they have opportunities to become literate. Mobile schools as well as radio, TV, entertainment are tools Governments, philanthropists … can use toward enlightenment, ‘literacy for all’.

In plays, literature, movies, writers, filmmakers convert illiterates to literates to pass home their messages just as I did with Hajia Saratu character.

Blessed and blissful weekend to you all.

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