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Interpreting Physical Events with Spiritual Minds (PPD Mode)

Proud nursing mum feeding her baby.

Hajia Saratu had visited her son’s family when her daughter in-law (Hadiza) was nearing her EDD (Expected Date of Delivery: +/- 14 days) to support her and the whole family.

Saratu was a proud mum (now potential grand-mum) She was happy, full of energy, skittish, vivacious while nursing her own son Ibrahim who doubles as Hadiza’s husband.

Baby finally arrives.

Hello, Saratu was taken aback when she discovered Hadiza was unhappy … in fact she detested her baby and she noticed this unusual event few days after her daughter in-law returned from the hospital.

Saratu never experienced this episode and it was her first time of seeing the condition so she felt only a witch will hate her biological daughter so much so that feeding her was punishment and she subsequently labelled her daughter in-law ‘witch’.

Saratu had a chat with her son, Ibrahim while Hadiza was sleeping.

Saratu: Ibrahim, your wife is a witch, she has feathers and flies around every night … she can kill her daughter plus you, anytime so the earlier you divorce her and run for your life, the better for you and your daughter!

Ibrahim: (laughing) Haba hajia what did you see?

Saratu: She detested her baby so much. And treats her like a piece of rag. You’re not always at home in the mornings and afternoons and I see all these with my two big, brown eyes.

Ibrahim: Hajia she could be tired due to the stress of labour, she bled you know!

Saratu: To you yes because you never gave birth. To me, no. Women bleed. I bled so ‘red’ isn’t an issue here, yes the joy of motherhood was overwhelming to me, us. It was extra energy, fun, fanfare good, good news.

Ibrahim: She will recover and if she doesn’t we will go back to the hospital.

Saratu: See this 31-year-old man talking like a 31-day old baby. I’m leaving early in the morning today for the village to go and see our Imam and narrate everything that I saw to him. Don’t go to work tomorrow, sorry today after all it’s 2:30am because she could kill your baby before you return. I’ll be back in two days time.


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