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Thursday Evening (Face and Feelings).

This face and mood are customized for Thursday evenings.

Monday begins the week, the trip; and Thursday is 80% of the journey just like the journey from Ibadan to Lagos is about 80% at Mowe (especially at Redemption Camp of RCCG) same with Thursday evening.

We entered the week with divine grace; we traversed the week in mercy. We saw. We conquered, and gradually getting set for the weekend.

On Thursday evening the week had taxed us and demanded our time, sweat; energy and so we’re exhausted but the good news is around the corner because Thursday evening is the bridge that connects the week to the weekend and that’s awesome, wholesome!

The week-template has it’s day-version – 9am face and mood and 4:30pm face and mood.

Image: social media

We are live from Nigeria.


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I won't bore you or box myself by defining who I'm, what I'm or where I'm headed. I AM OLAYEMI JOSEPH OGUNOJO, a Nigerian and World Citizen and a student of the 'University of Life.' If you impart knowledge into every Tayo, Tanko and Tagbo you meet, they will impact every Tom, Dick and Harry they confluence.
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