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Marriage Proposals on the Spotlight.

And the proposal came in the air. As reported, the man Tayo Adesokan proposed to Tolu Sanya in a Dubai-bound plane.

Proposal is the closest (phase of intimacy) to wedding and marriage; and while it’s elaborate in some relationships this phase of love is blur in others and this class subtly navigate this phase and transit into the next level without fuss, hype or drama as some call it.

Staring into his partner’s eyes and with bended knee he pops the big question, “Will you marry me? is alien to some (maybe many) Africans regardless of academic attainment and social status.

While men wait for love, women wait for proposal and many times women make this phase easy for their men who don’t really fancy going through this adventure and experience, by entering the courtship mode surreptitiously which is devoid of news and noise.

The female version could say, “My mum won’t let me rest about my wedding, her grand-children … she keeps pestering me with “You are no longer a girl in fact lady, I was already a proud ‘after three’, sorry mum of three when I was your age … when are you going to settle down? When are we ….”

Another lady could say, “I’m tired of attending wedding with my mum … she won’t stop comparing me with the brides, her friends’ daughters, neighbours. There was a time she embarrassed me at a wedding … “Ain’t you tired of being chief bridesmaid? Ain’t you tired of catching bouquet? You better resign from the company of playing hard-to-get and join the league of brides, wives and mums!”

And overtime the man enters courtship phase IF she’s the one he intends marrying!

Conjugal bliss to the newlyweds of today, may your nests produce children that will be blessings to their societies and humanity!

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