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Your Health’s Best Friends.

Workout sends your blood running … which makes you feel good, now stay good and enjoy good health.

Many factors in life support our health and hearts and they are workouts, sound sleep, balanced diet, optimistic attitudes and positive outlook. Now wining and dining regularly with fruits, nuts and vegetables make sense not to forget consuming oily fish and cooking with olive oil, corn oil or sunflower oil.

In addition enjoy adequate rest and fun via relaxation and recreation – sight-seeing, travels and tourism, entertainment, healthy social support, love, name it.

However, sometimes we won’t be able to enjoy or access all these, for one reason or the other but be sure that many of them are not simultaneously missing or absent for they are our allies and when they go on vacations our health enemies may gatecrash.

If you’d not been sleeping well at the moment or have sleep debt to pay  in the future because of exams, office deadlines … make sure you eat healthy meals not junks, limit your access to alcohol and drugs, try and be at peace with the person in the mirror, your significant others … in order not to drift too far away from your internal doctors.

And with this you say no to disease and mental breakdown.

Family of good. @ image: When you do good to your body, you feel good and your system emails this feeling to your mind and it boosts your mood and immunity and that’s health to someone; holistic health to another as well as performance in love and life, productivity, longevity, success and fulfillment overall.

Your primary reason for exercising is for health and fitness and then maintenance of your weight or maybe weight-loss, good feelings …. Need I say don’t be motivated to workout basically for weight loss because if you don’t see the results frustration could set in and then you stop altogether.

Exercise grants you health from many angles, makes you feel good, supplies you energy and so on, so if you’re not losing weight you’re obviously enjoying other returns on investment and again if you’re not losing weight you’re not gaining either unlike if you never embarked on the exercise regimen.

Always see your doctors and don’t go overboard with workout, start slow and build up your workout … exercise regularly, walking or brisk-walking is workout and very safe for all demographics.

Exercise where there’s plenty of air and if possible in a group or not far away from people and remember to stop immediately if you observe any strange feelings.

We are live from Nigeria. We are olayemiogunojo.com

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