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How Churches Can Impact Their Host Communities.

Deeper Life Bible Church (DLBC)

Church is a community and community is a close-knit, compact society and Sundays gather these people under one roof and sure these group of people can move their societies positively and intensively.

Corporate organizations support their host communities with many projects filed under CSRs (Corporate Social Responsibility) and churches are not exempted but in their context ‘community’ profiles better, these noble and novel ideas and ideals.

The headquarters of DLBC is located at Gbagada area of Lagos and it executed some notable community projects sometimes back – link bridge, car park facility and so on and that’s commendable.

I know some churches do prison ministrations and support diverse community-projects in their societies but I believe they can do more and those who don’t can begin.

I believe in tackling mountains one grain of sand at a time after all little drops make the mighty ocean as they say, and interestingly small things when done in large numbers become gargantuan in a short while.

An ideal church has more females than males and while women tidy the environment, men attend to the mechanical and electrical needs of the church from generating set to musical instruments, electrical faults, fuels and so on.

Many churches are rich and they can afford to employ labour so instead of female congregants sweeping, dusting, cleaning … they can employ women part-time or full-time to execute these jobs. If your mum or sister needs job tell her to go looking for same in churches too … never-say-never.

Job for a responsible member of a family means more jobs (directly or indirectly) for others. Mama Ife earns #50,000:00 monthly from her employer (church).

She’s now in a position to support her hubby, family and aside this she advised her daughter, Ife to source fashion skills while the latter was about to start her HND programme and of course she bankrolled her bills and when Ife graduated from college her mum rented her a shop and bought her sewing machine and other tools needed.

Now instead of Ife searching everywhere for non-existing jobs and still depend on her parents – which will further strain their slim wallets and pockets she became self-employed, now don’t forget she could become employer of labour too another good news. Now empowered Ife can support another sibling in her family.

Burst poverty in a responsible life and that’s breakthrough for the whole family.

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