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Pay-TV Palaver Between Couples (The Ononibakus) II

Phones are rendering the services of TV but in homes TVs hold sway.

Chichi even felt perhaps her hubby was into extramarital affairs and later dismiss the thought but not completely for it became hide-and-seek. It will come and Chichi will use some points to corner and pound it; and again the same Chichi will cook up some points to support the accusations and then use some calculations to send the accusations to the gas chamber ….

Pros and cons. Yes ping-pong by two sports greats and then it became ding-dong affairs!

Three days later Chichi heard Dan chatting with his friend on phone, “Buzor seriously I’m broke. No buzz from boss, and since alert refused to come from oga and my three debtors are yet to pay … I pay with calm and quiet in my own home o. Chichi wins virtually every argument. You no get money, you still dey make mouth. Na wahala for house be that o. To make matters worse did you know I committed the blunder of the century by subscribing to pay-TV and our light is now worse than earthworm in salt. Things are bad ….”

“It will be good, very good, very soon. Believe me. See the man that was threatening me last night … now playing angel on phone this morning? You also forgot to tell your friend you were owing your wife but you remembered you were a creditor. Ah my husband is an actor for real, see the way he authored the tale and made me look like a lioness? Uncle Dan, the Biblical Dan in the lions den I’m sure had both lion and lioness but here you are the lion but only reported the lioness!” Chizoba interrupted sarcastically.

Dan was surprised and quickly aborted the call. “So you’d been snooping and eavesdropping all along?” Dan released his own missiles with the thickest voice, coarse enough to break the hardest coconut.

“Uncle, I won’t drink garri with you in this house this month, mark my words. In fact I’ll leave your children with you and run to my parents’ and after the drought, storm is over I‘ll return home. Don’t come and beg me o because if you do I’ll tell my parents what you did and that won’t speak well of you. Ewo, I almost forgot my babies. I’ll take them along so that their father alone can soak garri for 5 hours so it can expand to become Olumo Rock and later pipe into his system without groundnut or sugar. You will eat eba with pure water!”

The issue in this story isn’t really Pay-TV but money and it’s responsible for tearing tissues of many couples and marriages if not well-managed. Hmmm!

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