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‘If it was America’ (Agriculture and Food Production).

Advanced nations patronize mechanized agriculture which is better food production in terms of quantity and quality.

“As advanced and civilized as America is, it’s self-sufficient in food production, yet Nigeria my dear country whose service and manufacturing sectors are performing below expectations, in fact woefully, can’t still compensate for these lapses with agriculture, one of man’s foremost professions,” Azuka pontificated to his neighbours one cool May evening and the neighbour responded, “What do you expect from a country bedeviled with bad leadership, corruption and Up NEPA!”

Now let’s beam our search lens on Azuka.

The conversation between Azuka and his grandfather, Pa Uzor Okafor a retired Major in the Nigerian Army and successful farmer.

“Azuka, don’t waste away your youth with exuberance … I’ve got you two lucrative jobs on two occasions, the first will credit your account at the end of the month with #180,000:00 but you said it’s too small for a Masters degree holder like you, fine I got you another that will compensate your sweat with #250,000:00 monthly salary but will take just 3 hours of your time on Saturdays (9am to 12pm) but you said you don’t joke with your weekends especially Saturdays because it’s entertainment at its peak – league football, owambe, movies and so on!”

Pa Okafor was 70 years at this juncture and he was about to retire from his farm but needed someone to inherit his business, so he reached out to Azuka.

“Now I’m retiring from my farm, so come and take over my farm, you have many employees to help you and all you need do is supervise and as a learned youth you can carry out your own research. My farm is your inheritance, Azuka.”

But Azuka saw agriculture as profession for the illiterates but his uncle had employed four masters degree holders in the past and once rejected a PhD holder on the grounds that he was meant for the classroom not farms and he finally got the man a lecturing-job in a private university in Nigeria.

Hello Naija, please tell Azuka to practice what he preaches after all he said America was self-sufficient in food production so let him contribute to our food production in Nigeria and we will be on her way to becoming sufficient too.

Photo credit: von.gov.ng


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