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Prospects of #TeamNigeria @ 2020 Summer Olympics (Tokyo 2020).

TeamNigeria at one of the past editions of the Olympics.

If Nigeria wants to perform better in 2020 Summer Olympics (Tokyo 2020) than they did in Atlanta’96 then the earlier we begin preparation the better.

It won’t make news to me if I heard that many athletes of advanced nations had started preparation the same year (2016) the last Summer Olympics ended but if we start now I believe it’s not too late.

2019 was elections year in Nigeria and we all could recollect the news, noise, news, uproar, hullabaloo … the event generated … thank God elections had gone … Olympics is here!

Governments, athletes, sports agencies and all stakeholders should begin work in earnest. Nigerian Youths et al go on social media with #TeamNigeriainTokyo2020 or whatever format you deemed fit to create maximum awareness, reminder for we need to motivate, galvanize and inspire all stakeholders so that our athletes and Nigeria as a whole can have the best Olympics ever.

Many Nigeria youths will not say anything as regards preparation but when #teamNigeria perform woefully they will go on social media to rant and nag, now please let that be in the past.

Join the team of forward-looking Nigerians today!

Photo credit: social media.


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