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‘Storm in a Teacup (ST) Tongues’.

Back in the day, the fun and life in Andrews liversalt-cup was Christmas to us.

How many adults now (kids then) were fascinated by ‘storm in a cup’ courtesy Andrews Liversalt?

I was, I’m sure you were too!

But storm in a teacup means turning molehill to mountains.

“Ah when that Rot barks you will hear its voice m-a-n-y miles away and the difference between its bark and the roar of a lion is just one bark of a local dog!” Hmmm storm in a teacup.

“That tie on Mark Zuckerberg costs $20m!” Alas, storm in a teacup!

“That pair of shoes on Dangote’s legs was customized for him alone; we are 7 billion on earth right? Believe me you can’t see it on anybody’s leg in the whole universe, in fact it took the manufacturers 24 months to build!” STs.

STs are hyperbolic people by nature, they call fire-service to extinguish fire on candles, they turn simple or ideal people to extravagant class, they pipe, hype, turn catfish to ‘cat and fish’, peanuts to ‘peas and nuts’.

Yes they  are unpaid chief accountants, PAs, publicists, chefs … of wealthy and famous people.

It’s Tuesday morning (7:30am) in Nigeria but beware of STs, for it’s (12:00pm) Tuesday afternoon in India and not 12:00am (Wednesday morning) in India.

Photo credit: social media


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