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UTME 2019 Updates.

JAMB is the only authorized body that conducts UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) for candidates seeking admission to higher institutions in Nigeria.

It’s no longer news that JAMB had released the 2019 UTME results. The board released 1,792,719 candidates out of 1,886,508 candidates that sat for the exam.

34,120 results were withheld; 116 exam centres had been delisted and 15,145 candidates were being further clarified as ‘identical twins and siblings,’ while 59,667 candidates were absent, some in this last category might have gotten admission to college, relocated and so on. Double registration was also highlighted and matter-of-factly a candidate registered 23 times for just one exam – UTME.

Many malpractices were observed and documented in the course of the exam which lasted for about 8 days and those involved include students, parents, mercenaries, CBT centres even some staff members of JAMB have allegations against them.

This trend x-rays how far corruption had eaten deep into the Nigerian fabric and I always say that if you can cheat in the exam hall you have the tendency to steal public funds. And advanced nations can use this scale to measure the attitudes of their youths and this could be a clue and crystal ball on the attitudes of their own future leaders and the appropriate steps they need to take to quickly correct the trend and episode, after all they are proactive and resourceful set of people.


My own UME (UTME now) journey.

UME said “Yemi, welcome to UME-phase of your life,” with 216 and years later I said bye-bye to UME with 236.’ UME beat me in-between o ….


15-year-old Ekele Franklin from Imo emerged the overall best Candidate for 2019 UTME and he scored 347 but may not gain admission to study in UNILAG because of his age (15).

16-year-old Emmanuel Chidebube from Abia State emerged second with 346 marks

And the third best candidate, Olamide Isaac from Osun State scored 345.

They say age is just a number and the results of the three best candidates support this fact in that the youngest of the three scored the highest mark and the oldest scored the least mark even at that he did b-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t-l-y well @ 345.

If your children or ward had studied and prepared well for the exam which you can attest to but the result wasn’t encouraging don’t chastise such instead encourage him or her. Sometimes in life the race isn’t to the swift … and we had seen this several times in the labour market, admission to college, on the football pitch and beyond, therefore temper justice with mercy.

If on the other hand your children or ward is the unserious type then your approach will be different but let it be constructive; paraphrase challenge the teenage-person to bring out the best in him or her.

On UTME candidates not being able to access their results, the board had re-assured you that it will be rectified; don’t forget GSM service providers have a role to play here as well and sure they will resolve it.

If you failed 2019 UTME remember there are many channels you can use to secure admission to college so don’t be desperate. Shut your door to despair and depression.



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