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“You May Search Police Officers,” by the Nigerian Police Force.

Nigerian Police Force is seriously trending

Nigerians have been quoting and responding to what Frank Mba said ….
Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, said this in a statement titled, ‘(Part 2) Tips For Safe And Cordial Conducts During An Arrest’ however, quoting institutions, organizations, people out of contexts will not only lead to misinterpretation of information, intentions the consequences could be grave at times.

“The statement read in part, “You may politely request that the officer be searched before searching you. Often times, this helps to allay fears that someone may be trying to plant incriminating items on you or implicate you in any other way.

“Demand to see the warrant for arrest where necessary (note however that not every invitation/arrest requires a warrant). As a matter of fact, under our law, the police have wide powers to arrest without a warrant in many circumstances.

“Politely request the officers to allow you inform a trusted friend or a family member or a lawyer soon after your arrest to avoid unnecessary apprehension about your whereabouts or safety.

“If the arrest requires the officer to conduct a search on you, demand to see the search warrant and comply with all legitimate instructions during the search (note that there are a lot of instances where a policeman can search you with or without a warrant).” – culled from punchng.com

“You may politely request that the officer …”

Note: contexts differ and this assertion doesn’t apply to all situations and besides many rules, laws, policies have inherent clauses … to this end don’t attempt or start searching police officers for your own safety and what FPRO Frank Mba said is no immunity whatsoever.

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