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Nigerian Police vs. the Public (Be Mindful of These Four Variables)

Nigerian recording artiste Ayoleyi Solomon aka Reekado Banks

You’ve got dreadlocks meanwhile you’re not a celeb – no problem it’s a free world!

You tattooed your body …. okay … it’s an art!

You sagged your trousers ….

And the music coming from your car had the thickest muscles ever.

(Head-warmer is another )

Predators in the jungle have tools they use in spotting their preys and yes security agents in Nigeria and the world over have traits, tools … they use in identifying suspects which could be similar and dissimilar from clime-to-clime, therefore for your own good don’t make a combo of these variables in one fell swoop, even one variable of these four is a sign, scent they pick and follow not to mention two or more.

I hope you’re a law-abiding Nigerian?

Now when security agents come calling, be civil enough to communicate with them politely and be smart enough to have your ID card with you …. If you try to prove your rights or prevent them from searching your car or phone with one or four of these factors around you … you automatically increase their suspicion.

Nigeria isn’t an advanced nation so collectively we are not. Don’t single yourself out.

Security agents please learn to be civil too, respect members of the public and remember a suspect isn’t a convict.

image source: social media


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