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TAM (That Awkward Moment: Ndidi vs. Ejiro)

Embarrassment sometimes furrow our brows.

Ekwere a civil engineer and staff of a multinational construction conglomerate had credited the account of his landlord living abroad (Australia) but the latter forgot to update his lawyer and the manager of his properties in Nigeria; and so the lawyer came to inform Ekwere of his outstanding bill but didn’t meet him at home so he delivered the message to his neighbour Ndidi, a journalist who works in a media house and was bent on dating Ekwere but the latter wasn’t interested and it became the case of lovelorn.

Love vs. life. Nonetheless they were good friends and neighbours.

On this day Ekwere and his fiancée Ejiro returned home together and Ndidi put wings in her eyes and was ‘floating like butterfly and stinging like bees’ and if eyes had sword she would have killed Ejiro who felt unease and was already battling that ‘awkward moment’.

Ejiro felt perhaps Ndidi was Ekwere’s side chic, maybe secret wife or sibling  … her mind was troubled; her heart anxious and sweat began to gather momentum. She felt confused and the eyes stinging her wasn’t helping matters.

Ndidi finally opens up, “Eky, you better pay your house-rent first, accommodation problem will embarrass you louder than a woman o. If you’re homeless the whole world will know but if you don’t have a woman only your heart will, MIGHT complain and besides today’s ladies no send you o they will chop your money and still go on social media to announce your broke status

And again Ndidi looked at Ejiro with terribly bad eyes … once beaten twice shy and so Ejiro armed her eyes this time and did back-to-sender.

“Thanks Ndidi for the update now last week when NEPA disconnected our light I’m sure you knew it was a mistake, right? The same thing happened here.” Ekwere quipped.

Ejiro coughed, and voiced, “Babe, too much talk gives me headache … and besides you guys shouldn’t discuss all issues in the presence of guests; anyway I’m not a guest, nonetheless you didn’t even enter your apartment before answering your queries. But Eky, my engineer doesn’t work in a quarry?”

And Ndidi hissed. No she h-i-s-s-e-d so much so that the sound refused to stop at its bus stop.

Ah anaconda hiss!


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