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Dynamics Operating in Schools and the Impact on Your Children.

From elementary through junior and high school to college some pupils or students are notorious for throwing their hands up and many times their heads are also high up!

This ‘hands-up attitude’ x-rays confidence – now some pupils actually know the answers but not confident enough to throw their hands up – and teachers, parents alike need to work on the mindset of this set of pupils. Perhaps there’s a bully in class or perhaps (s)he’s lurking somewhere close, maybe domestic challenges at home is responsible and so on.

Bullies prevent their victims: pupils, students from observing ‘hands-up’ and if the two categories are not helped the bullies may hear, ‘hands-up’ from security agents many years later and the bullied sometimes join the gang to solve their own problems, anxieties – via identification an  ego defense mechanism and that’s also bad news; now if they remain timid it’s also sad news!

To explain the jargon (identification) birds of a feather flock together and by extension if your feather is different you may be ostracized and bullied but if you belong, your in-group status confers immunity on you and so you’re protected.

‘Hand-up’ x-rays knowledge (competence) which makes you confident and confidence adds to your competence.

Parents especially mums are ‘home-lesson teachers’ but they need reports from their children’s teachers to unravel some mysteries and the earlier they build their children’s confidence the better, but the variables of ‘boos and bullies’ in schools and so on could affect children long term.

Ironically they need confidence, healthy self-esteem, self-worth to believe in themselves and yes that’s one of the ingredients they need to succeed in life.

Now if you don’t know the dynamics operating in your children’s schools, then you don’t know when and where you need to intervene, you don’t know where your child is headed in life ….

Truth be told many schools are conscious of all these variables and curtail them but what of those who don’t.

Bullies don’t just affect their mates negatively they need intervention too because they are not okay as well.

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