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As Alarming as Adults Crying in Public.

Babies are skilled in four things – eating, sleeping, crying and releasing wastes and the four are very crucial to their survival. Since they can’t use words and talk they communicate with their mothers and caregivers via cries. Now as they gradually advance in age words begin to take root and then cries begin to subside.

Cries and tears are not aliens to infants, toddlers and children … and cookie or sausage can introduce tears in their eyes and it’s no big deal seeing them cry though something is usually wrong somewhere and under no circumstance should we take their cries for granted except of course we know the reason ….

However when adults cry in public it’s the ‘biggest big deal’.

I’ve seen people crying in public and majority of them were females which points to the fact that women are expressive in pains while men repressive but bottling-up our pains and anxieties could be grave. Different reasons made women cry in public and heartbreak is one of the culprits.

On intervention some open up to you; some don’t and some quickly clean their tears and walk away – this last category probably got carried away by intense emotions only to realize they were in public.

In 2016 I saw a female UI student sobbing seriously … and I approached her. She just finished an exam which she did poorly. I shared encouraging words with her and when she got better and brightened up I finally left.

She decided to express her feelings with tears and by so doing she was able to source immediate support and besides putting her emotions into words is cleansing. Now if she had kept the issue in her heart her pathetic situation would have gone worse and possibly moved from 2 to 4 to 8 then 16 then 32 … but the fact that she instinctively fought her pains that was the first gain and the little support from me was another and I was sure she improved.

If I was her lecturer and I saw what happened that day I would have given her time to read and set another exam for her at another time. The lady was terribly, horribly shaken and tears descended … I nearly expressed sympathy in lieu of empathy.

What Fela saw as molehill could be mountain to Tella and vice-versa and with what I saw that day I knew that failure or premonition of same could be perceived as serious or more grave than the loss of a dear one and what made this lady cried could pathetically trigger suicide in some.

In rounding off don’t get too carried away by work, academics and your immediate family so keep in touch with people in your circle especially family, friends, relatives that you know is battling some challenges. Humanity plus selflessness

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