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Women, Love and Their Career.

The issue of career and social class trigger loads of issues in marriages.

An ideal lady prefers to marry someone who is not her class and it’s quite common to see many female students with working-class fiancés, by extension it’s not uncommon to see corps members with baby bumps, babies and some getting married while serving – their partners are working and financially independent.

Nature and nurture. Men are ideally richer, older, bigger then their female partners and many times more read … it’s also common to see a master’s degree holder dating an HND holder; or a PhD dating a BSc holder or even an undergraduate and the like.

Many working class men especially artisans sponsor their girlfriends in college and later regret their actions because they lose their partners to other men. The social class of the lady is now higher ….

This is bad and wrong though, and who says the man can’t go back to school too. Women sponsoring their men’s education for such men to dump them in the end is also true but the case of such men is more serious … you will know why as you go on reading this article.

In this context like the former such men can help their partners further their studies and education too.

Be that as it may, now truth be told men feel unease when their partners are more successful – have better career, are richer and so on and they do because they feel their partners will see them as inadequate, compete with them as leader or worse still turn them to errand boys.

As a woman nature made you to consciously desire a ‘senior’ partner and conversely men want ‘junior’ partners and if no one condemns you for feeling that way don’t chastise men for thinking like that and if you’re conscious of this fact then show more humility and humanity. In fact it’s easier for the rich to be humble than the struggling to show humility.

Don’t let your career come between you and your hubby and home. On this premise if you’re richer don’t compete with him; men innately desire respect same way you crave affection and attention and wresting with him is a deal breaker, home breaker.

I wasn’t surprise when I heard that billionaire oil magnate Folorunsho Alakija cooks for her hubby … and that’s 3-in-1. Humility, humanity and simplicity and believe me no man in such shoes will hesitate being his wife’s biggest fan and cheerleader.

I heard … the story of a woman who’s richer than her partner and how she disrespects him, “No o don’t drive that car; you’ve got your okada now so ride your motorcycle.”

And many of the men began to highlight why they detest their wives being richer and will go to any length to stop them from having more money or occupying prestigious offices!

To men: the success of your partner is yours; to women: respect him, no matter how rich or successful you are. Let him be happy he married you!

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