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Animal World (Chicken Island).

Mr. & Mrs. Rhode Island Red

There’s hierarchy in the kingdom of chickens and that’s why pecking order is as real as life itself.
Sometimes it’s enforced when the dominant hen(s) or cock(s) attacks one, some or all to leave and wait or queue and many times it’s simply through might – in other words they push and shove and force themselves to the middle of the feast.

Roosters (male chickens) don’t go to work, and earn no money and they need not woo and win the hearts of hens before sleeping with them yet they leave food for them and often express calling sounds when they find lost items, (Juniors bread, meats …) insects, food on the ground.

“Eureka, I found it. Mama, please come o I’ve found you sumptuous ‘item 7’!” Mr. Cock calls out.

Animals exhibit some behaviours similar to humans and chickens are no exemptions. The females are very sensitive to their young ones as the males are to the females (hens). Roosters have weakness for layers and layers have bias for their chicks and with this posterity is preserved and enhanced.

Roosters are highly promiscuous but need proximity to mate with many layers and this is enhanced when they show affection to the various Mrs around them, even though some males particularly the young ones (which are low in class and hierarchy) often sleep with these hens via ambush.

These young males are opportunists and may come from behind to quickly ambush the senior layers (those in the upper echelon) and after the deal is done and the cock disembarks, the female layers shake their bodies and then beat the silly and stupid rooster for disrespecting elders.

In spite of affection and attention some roosters still pursue layers everywhere that we see in yards, on farms even on our country footpaths, and roads in towns and cities. Nonetheless the affection © males brings these females close to them, after all it is the layer that a rooster sees that he pursues and mates with.

Roosters don’t care about chicks; sometimes they even attack them and this is applicable to mammals too – lions and the like and believe it or not, though this behavior is seen amongst animals some male humans express these behaviours – subtly, fairly or intensely.

A nursing mum focuses on her baby and her Methuselah baby (the man) needs her too … but because she doesn’t have time for him he feels neglected. The extra job at hand takes her time and energy and this is probably because no extra hands and the man isn’t helping too, so a vacuum is sown which could get bigger with time and then he drifts away since his needs are not met. Hello that’s vulnerability and if there’s a woman close to him – neighbour, classmate, colleague, ex … she might sense the vacuum and come in deliberately or innocently to fill the void and add more and that could lead to plenty issues.

As a man God made you master of your emotions and lusts so contain, and  part of managing these is in distancing yourself from temptations and as a woman don’t let the lust for money push you into temptations and ignominious acts.

Pleasure and pains go together in life and that’s why pleasure stocks loads of pains which you may not see from distance.

Don’t be another statistics.

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Photo credit: woodardmercantile.com


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