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Diverse Clients of Hotels.

Hotels connotes business or pleasure.

Hotels accommodate both business travellers and pleasure seekers and that makes hotels ‘business and pleasure’. Hotels are sensitive to weekends, thanks to events. Yes guests and celebrants lodge in hotels for a day or two to observe their owambe before returning to their respective stations and this class of people are part of pleasure seekers.

Honeymoon is basically pleasure and many hotels host the latest couples in town and yes they are pleasure seekers in ‘lodging file’.

What many people don’t know is that hotels are actually homes and not just ‘home away from home’. Many business travellers, workers and students on training and short courses don’t bother renting accommodation if they will be spending less than a year in an environment and some just prefer hotels to homes even if they will spend more than two years in a city or clime. Some clients see as status symbol and just prefer to live in these facilities and so on.

That’s where hotels serve as accommodation.


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