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Love and Intimacy (feat. New Parents)

Babies are blessings so consolidate on same to usher in eternal bliss and fulfillment.

Pregnancy/childbirth are highly sensitive phase of marriage and intimacy and if well managed lovely seeds are sown which sprout and blossom but if ill-managed the foundation of issues that may lead to acrimony, separation or outright divorce in years to come may have been structured.

Having domestic staff to cater for all the needs of mother and child isn’t enough, emotional connection matters too.

Just as this phase of marriage sometimes trigger issues between employers and nursing mums which could lead to sack or turnover in months or years to come, as intimates understand this phase and be responsive.

Remember one careless word could trigger one bad feeling and one bad feeling links bad blood … ticking time bomb in intimacy may take more than months but years to explode.

Photo credit: lilysophiaphotography.com


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