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Tradition, Science and Testimony.

At the time of this selfie Laura Stennett was carrying the future NOT foetus.

The child that will chant “A B C D …” must first recognize the letters to be able to flow with the letters and sometimes they know the letters (music) without fully knowing the letters and in this context if you start with A B C D E and jump with a ruler to H or M such will say ‘F’ because (s)he knows for sure that F succeeds E though many times they know the letters and are preempting you after all that’s the norm and tradition but when you do ambush (by jumping beyond the natural next) you might see their flaws because they are going, flowing with tradition not context  ….

When someone I knew told me they were battling spontaneous abortions I said “Congratulations,” to him because I just knew they were waiting on God I never knew the female version had even been experiencing the first phase of motherhood. Need I say the couple became proud parents.

Contexts differ and you may not experience spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) in your case and your very first pregnancy could lead to your very first baby.

Science and spiritual go together in life and many times if you can see the science in a spiritual matter it will save you many sweat. Someone gave you anointing oil to pour on the centre of your head when you’re going for job tests but the day you forgot to use the oil was the first time your future employers called you for one-on-one interview … you woke up late and while rushing for the interview you forgot to apply the oil again … you also passed and finally the last phase came … and you remembered you didn’t use the oil on the two occasions that you did well.

Now the science is forget the oil, pray to God and go for the interview.

Another science: Don’t label the cleric or family member that gave you the oil, evil after all you’ve got no evidence … in fact it could even be you in that you had more faith in the oil than God Himself and God had to reveal Himself. He created the oil and the one that prayed on the oil. Lobatan.

You had fibroid which you never knew was the weed disturbing your seed (baby) that’s good news, when it’s removed another good news but don’t stop attracting goodness, good and good news with science and spiritual (sex and prayers).

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