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DMW (Drama at the Mechanic Workshop)

Motor mechanics are special demographic in our societies and are as diverse as civil servants.

Academic qualifications: some are college graduates and don’t be surprised if you hear that some of them are master’s degree holders.

Some have their ND

Many are high school leavers

Not a few attended Arabic schools

Some stopped schooling after their Junior school certificate

Some only had elementary school education

Some attended elementary school but dropped out

Not sure if some never saw the four walls of school.

We have mechanics who desire further studies perhaps some are studying at NOUN, Distance learning or part-times programmes in the polytechnics and the like.

Virtually all are males … perhaps females make up 5% or less of this demographic.

Mechanic workshops parade many artisans – mechanics, car painters, panel beaters, rewiring specialists and in some cases battery chargers and vulcanizers. Based on this ‘Mama put joints’ could be easily seen and in the absence of this itinerant food vendors who specialize in amala, eba, fufu, semo will frequent these workshops. Fulani milk maids (fura de nunu merchants), shoemakers and the like are not aliens in these workshops.

Aside the experienced artisans, apprentices are quite common and their age could range from 10 – 18 or more in some cases. Societies gossip their demographics and because illiteracy level is high in Nigeria it reflects in our artisans.


Mechanics sought skills to be employable and empowered and many are actually doing very well in life and they are demographics from ‘all walks of life’.

So it’s  stereotype to feel a mechanic can’t own a car or live in GRA; it’s also stereotype to feel all of them cheat their customers and swap spare-parts ….

It’s stereotype to feel they are mainly members of a particular religion. And this actually depends on regions – go to the Eastern part of Nigeria and they are basically Christians … go to the North and many of them are Muslims and so on.

This is a preamble to DMW (Drama at the Mechanic Workshop) a special bouquet on this site.

Welcome on board.

Photo credit: naijauto.com




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