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Monday Motivation (Gratitude as Blessings).

Count your blessings and gratitude will follow.

Life is premised on times and seasons and your life is in series which makes it seasons and episodes but the success of one season could be short-term, another could be long-term, lifelong many more are also building blocks.

Enjoy the success, achievements of the moment; your ‘figure 6’ could be ‘figure 9’ to someone else; someone else’s figure 9 could translate to your figure 6 so have a sensitive mindset.

‘What next’? could make you ignore your phenomenal achievements, trophies, prizes and make you express contempt, ingratitude (in lieu of gratitude) to your spouse, family, employees, boss and above all God … don’t displease God with insensitive attitudes; don’t let anyone’s deceitful blindfold cost you blindness to God’s favour and abundant blessings in your life and humanity.

Now be smart and sensitive enough to simultaneously see 6 and 9; and as you celebrate the success of the moment you’re consolidating on same for more success and achievements and above all fulfilment in love and life.

When your time comes,’ displaces your numerous prizes, trophies and you may displease God, no thanks to inappropriate expectations thereby turning ‘every other thing that had been added’ to mirage.

Our Monday motivation: Count your blessings, name them one-by-one and you will see them in their true colours and realize the numerous blessings God had given and giving you.

Gratitude is blessings; blessings gratitude. Your time is here!

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