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Umar Audu vs. Abubakar Mohammadu, Niger State, Nigeria. Umar’s wife had told him his neighbour (Abubakar) was making love advances to her of which Umar reportedly warned him but he didn’t listen and he felt the best way to resolve the issue was to permanently solve the intruder by sending him 6 feet beneath. He allegedly did. The intruder gone and Umar arrested to languish in prison if found guilty.

Many times we need to pause to voice our issues, fears and anxieties to trusted friends and family. Now if you tell the wrong person such could (out of ‘loyalty and solidarity’) go ahead to punish and accidentally or deliberately exterminate the neighbour and end up behind bar but what two or more good heads handle always lead to goodness.

Your issues most times will draw sentiments from you and that’s why we all need confidante. I don’t say because I’m a life coach I won’t consult people for some issues.

Sometimes I contact my family or call my small circle of close friends before taking some crucial steps in love and life and some of them are in different fields entirely but then I usually know whom to call per time and I can tell you categorically that the end result was usually good news.

Now who says another man won’t marry Umar’s wife if found guilty in the end?

Corps member vs. conductor, Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria. A female corps member is trending over assault by a bus conductor. She claimed the conductor touched her private part. He touched her va … what a terrible and horrible trespass but I leave that to the law. She claimed her ‘island’ had not been okay since then. Psychologically speaking she could experience strange sensations and feelings!

Now it may have spiritual undertone so I’m not debunking that but let’s talk about the science. She probably felt the sensation because her focus had shifted to that part of her body and so it will behave. Don’t forget her cognition could be similar to this format: “I hope this is not sequel to female underwear drama and money rituals? Good God, could this be the latest technology after underwear became scarce for them to hunt? …”

To expatiate my argument let me use this analogy: most people don’t eat dog meat and so they are not likely to know how it tastes, after all experience is the best teacher, now should you tease a friend who detests and doesn’t eat the meat that you served the person dog meat and he gladly, innocently ate such will begin to react from the inside and his tummy will go on rampage even if such didn’t try to spew up the meat.

But in reality the meat could be rabbit or any other but not dog meat!

The Third and Final story. A Nigerian man felt killing his friend for stressing his life on cult membership was his best solution. To him ‘Silence him and silence the stress forever’ but now he has put himself in the sea of stress. He claims the friend was thorn in his flesh. Unfortunately the dead can’t debunk or explain his side of the story now.

Now cultism is bad, evil and negative but some cultists never killed a soul, now this man in question claimed he wasn’t a cultist but he killed a cultist over cultism. How ironic!

We are going on vacations too. So see you on June 12, God willing.

Happy Democracy Day in advance.

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