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Interviews: Positive Impacts of Nigerian Youths to Nigeria.


This interviews which is in series continue today. Let’s further access the convictions and contributions of Nigerian youths to Nigeria.

“Well, Nigeria isn’t about youths but elders because our leaders are not giving us the structure and support we need to participate actively in politics. Maybe they feel we are not ready or we lack the capacity to handle those delicate positions. In the interim however, I’m pursuing my studies in the university to contribute my quota to Nigeria but largely I intend going into politics in the future but I’ll start right here on campus and then graduate to grassroots political leader and evolve to state level and finally to the federal level. As an engineering student I know China is tech powerhouse and I believe Nigeria needs to collaborate with them in training (sending our students to China to get skills) as well as technology transfer.” – Hamza Yakubu

Hamza is Ebira by tribe from Kogi State (North-central) Nigeria


“I’m contributing my quota in terms of sanitation and environmental matters. The youths in my church are saddled with the task of cleaning and tidying the vicinity of our church in Maryland (Lagos). And we were doing this religiously and consistently and you know that church is congregants and so LAWMA was eventually notified and they came to pack all the refuse we had gathered. We did well doing this and their first truck wasn’t enough and so they needed two more trucks to eventually evacuate all the refuse but this was one-off thing so when they stopped we started gathering refuse and burning and advocating for other residents to imbibe the culture.” – Jessica Ndoh.

Jessica is ANIOMA from Aniocha Local Government Area of Delta State (south-south) Nigeria.

In rounding off it appears youths and women are special demographics in the Nigerian society desiring more active participation in partisan politics and Governance. And yes the 8th National Assembly successfully passed the ‘Not Too Young To Run Bill’ which was signed into law by the Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government of Nigeria. And we are beginning to see and feel the effect.

Expect more on these interviews.


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