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Brides as Centre of Weddings and Marriages.

Welcome to marriage.

Brides are females, women and yes they are ‘All Eyes on Me’ at their weddings, after all they are the centre of the event and yes the fulcrum of our various homes.

They are the information highway of our homes; the bridges that connect the children to their dads, the umbilical chord that links their dads to their children; the bond that binds and connects the hearts and minds of siblings.

It’s in their DNA to nurture; the ‘NDA’ of peace; the military woman who champions welfare and challenges warfare. 

Richard wants to say ‘hello’ to the Simpsons and so he decided to call Mrs. Simpson; the class teacher of Simbi wants to update the Sydneys on the child’s performance and so she calls Mrs. Sydney.

As a woman who just dropped the title ‘Miss’ for ‘Mrs’ be an angel, wife, mum and queen to your family.

Remember women are the Beauty Queens and you’re the Face of your Family; you rep. them for you’re their ambassador.

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