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Coulple’s Court (Letter to Husbands: New and Old)

Lovey-dovey Mr. & Mrs.

We all know how followers the world over highlight the behaviours of leaders, and in the eyes of followers (many times) leaders are not doing enough … that’s how your wife might perceive you.

So be smart. Be responsive and responsible. Show accountability and transparency and she will feel safe and secure with you. Your desire for authority and respect is equivalent to her instinctual needs for safety and affection.

Hello don’t go overboard because if you don’t save smartly she will still accuse you of spending lavishly, meanwhile she was the Oliver Twist, beneath the ‘twist’ in your finances. So be smart.

You may not be able to grant all her requests and yes she knows this before even asking. So don’t be a pawn in her palm!

She’s working? Yes, good the pressure won’t be too much on you and yes you’re partners so don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need one. Think of other ways to make more money.

To the freshest husbands in town, know and note:

Your wife is a Beauty Queen, the Face of your Family … take special care of her.

When your wife feels good she will transmit the feelings to you and that feel-good feelings will create opportunities for deeper friendship, firmer partnership and companionship.

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