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How Noise Induces Suicide.

A depressive.

One suicide (or attempted suicide) reported in the media is news that triggers noise and an avenue for more suicide, and more and more because the ‘group thing’ is wired in us but the positive side to this issue (group thing) is expressed and experienced in Group Counselling and so on. If you know you’re not alone you automatically enjoy solidarity and solidarity could lead to good or bad behaviour.

A man can become wealthy overnight and the reverse is also possible … and the man who fell from grace to grass could be relieved of his pains, bile and bitterness if he was taken to a low-income neigbourhood better still the seediest part of a slum to see how humans like him live yet are happy and look fulfilled … he could get better.

A man who had planned to commit suicide decided to go buy the tool he would need for his mission and in the neighbourhood he saw and heard the voice of a man measuring garri he was about to drink. “Seven spoonful is okay this morning, at least that will give me the energy I need and also qualify me to take six spoonful in the evening when I return from work,” the man said and smiled.

And the man on suicide mission later saw the ‘Seven spoonful garri man’ fetching well water to swim his garri down his throat.

And again he saw and heard a pretty lady calling her father on phone, “Daddy, I’m broke, very broke … last night I drank tea – the tea was sugar in hot water o now the sugar had finished, no pure water again and so today I don’t even know what I’ll eat; I called my brother and he said he was owing his bank and they just ejected him out from his property ….”

Did you know that the person planning to kill himself could change there and then? Yes if poverty was the factor pushing him to the brink of suicide and in some cases it could even be something different but the faith expressed by those people had given him hope which he had hitherto lost.

‘Identification-solidarity’ is championing the cause of suicide and the earlier we recognize this the better for our society.

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