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The Negative Sides of Hierarchy in African Societies.

It’s a life of hierarchy but good things when mismanaged often lead to diverse abuses.

Many people especially those in authority – bosses, mentors, instructors, parents, clerics … in our workplaces, schools, families, worship centres … abuse those under them with impunity and many times their victims suffer in many folds for long.

The victims of these so-called custodians suffer all forms of abuses – sexual, physical, economic and/or emotional yet when they dare speak up they become victimized again and again. Insults on their injuries.

One hurt becomes two – 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 …. Now some suffer these abuses for a short-term while it’s long-term for others especially if the tormentor, bully is a family member or neighbour maybe boss or mentor.

Depression and suicide correlate.

Some category of people who commit suicide actually had some issues they had been battling with for long and the last one that actually triggered the suicide was incidentally the last straw.

A girl gets raped by her father’s friend and the poor girl carries the trauma for long and inevitably moved from sadness to despair and depression and in an attempt to get succor, support she finally opens up. She speaks up and that was her undoing!

Hello did you know that instead of getting the cleansing and healing she subconsciously desires and deserves her condition could get worse?

Many times people lie to cover their atrocities, iniquities to others so if the girl’s father asks his friend he could say the girl said that because he reprimanded her when he saw her with a man and she cooked up the tale to revenge. And her dad may become her bully No 2. He may tell his own families that her daughter was evil, and may even ask the poor girl to go and apologize to the man and seek God’s forgiveness .…

The poor girl will see her father as big fool and the criminal will also see him as First Class idiot. How pathetic!

Another girl could be sexually abused by her father and that one could be long-term and that means the torments, torture and trauma is on long-term basis now don’t forget one abuse is one too many and could format the mindset of the victim for life. Now even those who cope and moved on still combat the negative memories once in a while.

In Africa those in position of authority (by virtue of ‘age immunity’ or title or position or wealth) we believe are always right and where they need to apologize to their children, staff, nephews, nieces, cousins et al their victims end up apologizing and this is bad, sad and demoralizing.

In some families some abuses had been ongoing for decades and the helpless children will be fighting wars on multiple fronts because their families only believe what they want to believe and as such they contribute to the battles these helpless ones are facing some even insults them at will and give them negative names.

Worse still these bullies, criminals are celebrated in their families, societies.

In some cases it’s children vs. parents – rich children neglecting, torturing their parents and no one is ready to correct the status quo some family members might even accuse and abuse such parents … different strokes for different folks.

Figure 6 appears as 6 to you because you refused to change position and your cognition will never advance or evolve. Turn round and it will become figure 9.

Our relationships needs science.

Think outside the box; consider the facts and figures, consider the science and light will shine on your ignorance.

Sentiments many times blindfold our knowledge and succeeds in manufacturing illiterates from the learned class.

If you’re in this class of bullies, criminals and you refuse to change for the better you will meet your waterloo very soon.

We are made in Nigeria.

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