enriching lives across miles


Phones as Tools of Love and Romance.

Callers pass information across to the called and the contents could stock positive energy to make the latter happy, glad for the rest of the day.

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Her hubby calls and says, “Babe they said the woman listening to me right now was, is fabulous, I said the word ‘fabulous’ is incomplete add gorgeous to it. That’s the update from my end. Bye-bye, forever sweet 16!”

Who doesn’t know the doting husband had sent smile and/or laughter across miles to his wife?

Now who doesn’t know that the wife will feel loved and cherished and the feelings will increase if her colleagues heard what her hubby had said and teased her with same?

And yes we all know that that gesture is very expensive yet cheap after all the call didn’t take 2 minutes, in fact let’s delete the ‘cheap’.

That’s romance, that’s affection and you don’t need to break the bank to courier affection to your wife even if she’s in Korea while you are in Nigeria.

You just motivated her and even if she’s had a bad day with her colleague or boss the buzz in her head will rekindle her spirit. That’s the spirit of love.



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