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‘Breaking the Fast Meals’.

Coffee for couple is coffee for two.

6 to 9 hours of sleep means nothing (no water, beverage or food) had gone down our throats but something needs to fall down the stairs for energy to pile up.

Breakfast is first meal of your waking hours – so forget the titles ‘breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner’.

Jim broke his fast with breakfast – at 5am

At 7:00am Mariah married bread with margarine and supported the union with steaming tea.

Mariam’s breakfast was quite unique for her first shovel emptied its contents in her mouth at 11:59am (59 seconds) and the rest shovels did their jobs from 12:00pm to 12:15pm.

Jack’s breakfast was actually lunch, no brunch, no lunch … hmmmm … whatever which he had at 12:02pm

Zheng broke his fast with breakfast in the office at 9:00am

Zlatan broke his with lunch at 2:30pm

When will you break your fast?

Aluko says, “Anytime; no time to check time!” hey Aluko but you have time to check your phone which has time … lol

Ochuko laughed and finally voiced, “Anytime I can grab some plants with one or two pieces of animal.”

Eat right. Feel good. Stay healthy.

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