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Fruits and Nuts and Health.

Banana is two parts – flesh and skin and it stocks plenty energy.

Drugs are usually bitter but fruits are delicious drugs which makes it not only good but cool yet majority of us don’t go on a regular date with same. It is the structure of fruits that determines how we react to them. We peel our oranges, grapes before taking; we eat our red grapes, apples, mangoes directly and yes some knife their mangoes, dismember their parts and then relish.

Oh we strip our tangerines and banana naked before our mouths bed.

No one dare go on a blind date with pineapples unlike dates – even some peeled and sliced pineapples are specialist in itching our mouths. Yam and pineapple are cousins in that we peel before cooking and eating respectively and yes if yam hugs our skin it itches. We shed the skeleton of coconuts before breaking; walnut isn’t as tough so our fingers seamlessly shed its skin.

We divorce the skin of Avocado Pear from it’s inner flesh before we take a bite; we eat carrot like that but many of us summon knife to do a little justice to its outermost skin.

Watermelon stocks water, same with sugarcane and pineapple.

Inculcate the habits of eating fruits to boost your health and wellness.

In rounding off banana can give us pleasure or pains – the flesh is delicious but the peel can send us tripping, sprawling on the floor.

Photo credit: eatthis.com



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