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Love, Dating and Marriage.

Love is a crucial aspect of life.

Many women perceive but keep mute, while some voice out, “Men are traitors!” but in this context they are not.

As a lady if a man is pursuing you in love; it’s not a crime to race but run in love don’t crossover to life. Intimacy is possible only in proximity and if you keep running you’re taking along with you the bridge that can connect your hearts and in some cases you burn the bridge in the process.

Now if you keep running from the man pursuing you don’t make another mistake – not pursuing another especially if you’re of age. If you miss your train in love many will notice you’re waiting for another train which may come late and that isn’t cool. So make hay while the sun shines.

Christiana, 24 was running away from Christian but wasn’t (indirectly) pursuing another (Vincent) and so she saw two rats and left the two hoping that her trap will catch at least one of them but it never did.

Some ladies pursue two rats at the same time and end up losing the two, that’s also bad!

If a man is ‘on your case’ and you’re in haste and so you keep running … while not pursuing another, before long the one he’s not pursuing but close to him will come for him, subtly, silently, smartly yet you keep running and by the time you decided to rest ‘your sister’ had captured him meanwhile you keep hoping he’ll soon come for you till you finally heard he’s married or getting married. Back to the first sentence and you feel, “men are traitors!”

Meanwhile the man, men in your own circle not showing interested in you, you fail to net because you felt someone is coming for you. How pathetic. M-a-n-y ladies may not experience this scenario hook, line and sinker but many actually do.

When the girlfriend of one of my cousins back in the day entered marriage mode – “Our home, our children ….” he told her right away that they were only intimate friends and not dating for marriage. Now though the lady felt bad, she knew what was at stake and the next step to take – he’d given her options.

Beauty attracts, entice men and many pretty women (many times) are surrounded by many options and counting, and many get confused in the midst of numerous ‘kamis’. Kami, kami, kami was disturbing Kemi and she ended up choosing the wrong partner. ‘Kami’: please choose me.

Don’t make the same mistake. Don’t focus on the mundane, superficial things alone – marriage is 24/7 for many decades. Too long.

Women love success and perceive wealth from afar just like fresh blood in the waters – for shark. Now as a man, should you find yourself in a situation where you’ve got loads of choices … step back, relax, sample opinions of close family, trusted friends to contain sentiments and attendant issues.

See, marriage isn’t ‘life of sex’ though sex is part of same so don’t make beauty or body or expertise in bed the cake but icing on same.

Marriage is a long journey and you need a soul-mate, companion, confidante, friend, partner, mum, sister, dad, brother … on this journey of life, yet many men chose their life-partners like picking clothes in the wardrobe and they ended up marrying the wrong persons.

Now as a man or woman when (maybe if) you fall sick, sex will be the last thing on your mind in fact you will loathe and detest it but you’ll need a ‘nurse and doctor’ before the professional nurse and doctor arrives or you go to them and after these experts had left (convalescence phase) ….

You’ll need ‘lawyers, counselors, financial experts, nannies, cooks, accountants’ et al.

Note: as singles if you feel you can’t abstain from sex then practise safe sex (contraceptives) as married embrace fidelity but if you feel you can’t, then opt for safe sex.

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