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Spiritual or Physical Theft (Piggy-bank Mode).

Piggybank (kolo in Yoruba)

I remember one of my cousins saved religiously in his bank structured in the form of a luxury bus … we were spending coins then and when he opened the bank and counted his money, I was surprised, though I can’t recall how much he saved but it was huge. Little drops.  Big lesson.

Nitty-gritty: many people who use this mode of bank do so because of seamless accessibility in saving and cashing – no card, no code, no queues … in addition you withdraw without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

Now many who patronize this bank are also clients of the conventional banks.

Many had complained of losing all or some of their savings in these banks without the ‘hands of Esau’ intruding. Now if you believe in God (the positive force) I believe you’re also conscious of the negative force, after all it’s a life of plus and minus; good and bad, day and night, rain and shine … however many situations in life are best interpreted, using science as guide to this end I prefer science in approaching and interpreting issues that have both science and spiritual sides to them.

Trending issues, movement, ideas, slang started from someone, maybe persons, somewhere and the ‘group instinct’ in us fuels it and many key into it (identification) but many also lie to follow and flow with the flow.

Now if you lose your savings are you 100% sure no one had direct access to your bank in your absence?

If yes! Are you also sure you don’t have an amateur burglar?

Perhaps your wife was the ‘hand of Esau’ a man could do that as well but many times when money isn’t available for the family women execute some project but not from greed.

If none of these is the case then you may advance your spiritual theory. Now if a woman gives birth to a live goat … as reported some years back you may not need science in such cases and that makes spiritual factor the next available theory waiting for you to tap.

An elderly person in my family once lost his money after giving out alms to someone and he was 100% sure he didn’t take any money out of his purse but he discovered the ‘spiritual theft’ at the gas station when he wanted to fuel his car … phenomena like these happen in life because the spiritual side of life exists but to every phenomenon in life there are two possibilities.

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