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Opening (Business) Prayers of Mumini the Mechanic.

A roadside mechanic attending to a customer’s car.

Mumini is a motor-mechanic and before he opens his workshop for the day he goes through his age-long lyrics, his tested and trusted prayers.

“Baba mi lorun (my heavenly father) I thank you for this special day. I thank you for my family and daily bread. I thank you for sound health and energy and peace of mind. Baba Arugbo ojo (Methuselah of the original Methuselah) please any car that will turn me to an apprentice and insult my 30-year experience on this job please distance from me. You know everything, see all things so please I don’t want cars that are okay and fine but manifest illness because some invisible fingers are hacking into their systems and rewiring, and they turn us to ‘osa lodo oga ni‘ (he ran away from his instructor and instructions before mastering his job) and the stigma associated. So help me God.”


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