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Throwback Thursday (feat. Kool & the Gang in CHERISH)

A scene in CHERISH by American R&B Band: Kool & the Gang.

CHERISH was released in 1985 and I’m sure teenagers, young adults et al enjoyed the old song. It received massive audience, and enjoyed phenomenal airplay and it’s an evergreen and I’m sure many TV and radio stations still play the great song. I listened to it as a child and loved it till date.

Throwback Thursday is memory lane and that’s feelings, history, nostalgia and great opportunity for music and musical artistes of decades back to roll back. into our hearts with their chart busters.

I know those Methuselah electronic gadgets of our grandpas with plates dished out CHERISH and other award-winning songs at the time … later it was cassette and many of us dubbed songs from radio stations but those DJs and OAPS knew how to pour sands in our garri. Yes they inject commercials, public-announcements …. and then our mouths release hiss, no h-i-s-s long enough to reach Nice from Spain.

Did you know that some grandpas still have those old electronic gadgets in their living-rooms?


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