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Is Your Wife a Doll or an Idol?

Love and affection in moderation spice up intimacy.

If you treat your wife like the queen she is or your fiancée like the princess she is you’re feeding her instinctual (fundamental) needs, filling her vacuum and her feelings will flow naturally toward you. However don’t go to the extreme.

Your wife isn’t a decorative item but human so if you add ‘extra’ to your credit, good but ‘extra’ to your distinction will catapult you to the territory of perfection and that’s a disservice. Monotony. Bland. Blank. Cold. And Dry.

When you’re intimate with her, remember C is Caution on the highway also on the ‘love-way’.

Saying “I’m sorry,” all the time you’re wrong is a deal breaker; home breaker. Sometimes, let her feel you perceived she had her mistakes in your mistakes too even if she doesn’t and you achieve this by keeping mute.

Dolls are inanimate items, objects of fantasy and many adore them but how you treat them is insignificant, after all they don’t feel and have no feelings yet many times girls pamper them to the extreme. They treat them like real babies and that ‘extra’ is an issue but when given to dolls no tissue is torn after all they are dull.

Doll vs. idol.

The difference – Dolls are treated like gods; idols are adored but never worshiped.

If your wife hurts you, register your grievances but I’m not saying you should shout or scream at her.

Turning women to dolls in the name of love, romance and affection is far from domestic violence but actually very close to same. Very senior citizens are far older than children but they are very similar to them in many ways.

In some homes if the man adds little romance … that week he will go on compulsory sex-fast because his wife’s pride will fly, soar .. oh, sour!She could revert to her old weapons – playing hard-to-get at the outset of their relationship.

New hairdo – “Hey babe you look gorgeous!” all the time and it appears as Hollywood with the attendant consequences. Though I strongly believe circumstances won’t make you comment on her hair and beauty all the time.

If her outfit or hairdo is not so cool, don’t say it’s good but voice it in a way that she will pick your mind. Now you know your wife, fiancée better than I do so express what works best in your context without hurting her pride and feelings.

How about this: “Nice outfit, though the last one was first class and I believe my own Madam Kofo has another in her wardrobe!”

Many of our fairy tales turned women to dolls!

Saying “I’m sorry,” all the time you’re right is equally bad, though I know most men won’t be found in this special file.

What am I saying? Too much pleasure is bitter. Too much sugar in your garri is worse.

Your home and marriage must be challenging.

If she does wrong – correct her. Where and when you need to paste muscles on your face don’t place butter.

If she dresses fine, commend her if it’s below your expectation – indirect expression will do the magic – but based on what works for you. Women are intuitive by nature.

Wives of wealthy men often experience this issue too. “Don’t work – I don’t want to stress you and besides you’ve got all the money in the world on your finger tips ….”

Toys, sorry boys who are partners of wealthy women are also guilty of this too they turn their partners to dolls in the name of showing love and romance.

In rounding off remember the two extremes of life are usually incomplete or dull so show moderacy in all you do.

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