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AFCON 2019 Semi-Finals: Nigeria vs. Algeria on the Spotlight.

Goals bring results in football.

Every country (football team) have their pattern of playing football and Algeria have theirs as we do in Nigeria now Algeria may not be traditionally offensive but when they combat decisive and focused opponents attacking and pummeling them at the unexpected time they could be forced to adopt an unusual pattern (makeshift) of play based on reality on the pitch and this could be alien to them.

‘Stop the player to stop the ball from entering your net’. And that’s offense which could be cards – yellow or red or even penalty and in contexts of yellow cards the player booked will no longer perform at 100% working capacity. Remember football is contact sports and rough contacts could lead to another booking.

Now on paper, Super Eagles are likely to be booked more but you can flip the table around and hunt the hunters with their weapons.

Hello need I say the template that suits a smart team is to play as a team.

Selflessness brings out the very best in a team so don’t let money impact you negatively. Many music groups, business associates, even couples divorce because of money palaver so forget who scores or not. Play as a team. Make history. Say no to sentiments. The money was meant to motivate you so don’t turn to something else.

Get the ball, hold on to the ball, pass it around and attack your opponents when they least expected and in beeline mode.

Ball is the gold-mine, resource on the turf and the team that make good use of same will smile at the end of the game. So Super Eagles get the ball from your opponents as quickly as possible control the game by having the ball in your custody. Possession.

The student that wants to write an exam and excel must have a winning template in the exam hall. So don’t rush to start because others are doing same. Read the instructions. Carefully. Plan your approach. Note the ones to go for – ideally the easiest but be careful because the simplest could be very technical and easy to deduct marks from you.

Humans are not machines and even at that machines too deserve rest. The template you used against South Africa is good but may not be perfect for Algeria and the algebra – advance and adopt the latest version. They had studied you, your winning template against the Bafana Bafana … and by extension you need energy …. So preserve the strategy and launch later on in the game.

This site is open air and I update too to avoid playing information in the wrong hands.

Slow and steady will win the race. Conserve your energy first. Drivers behind-the-wheel of cars on top speed find it difficult to control in emergencies. Diligence first. Hard work later.

Study the Algerians very well. Be conscious and cautious. Don’t go blazing at the blast of the whistle. This ‘research work’ is best expressed by passing the ball around but be confident in order to maintain accurate passes. As the ball is moving from one player to another they are coming at you and the more you hold on to the ball you more they get anxious.

Did you know that you can net them by so doing.  Via ambush. They see you as undecisive but you’re studying and watching them closely and any loophole you see is big opportunity for commando-styled attack.

The team than can run can be stopped with perfect positioning. Don’t forget your backyard while attacking. Stop the ball from connecting … don’t leave space. Stop the player from running and using the ball, with weapons of crowding.

Team is a crowd and cowards don’t make  a team.

In the jungle one lioness could be seen attacking a prey (beeline) and others move in other directions they are not senseless they are smart and gunning for ambush. Yes they are hunters.

Don’t ignore lone players. If the ball can’t connect they can’t net you with counter-attacks or other versions. Dispossess your opponents quickly, hold the ball, maintain possession, attack and defend as a team.

Defenders sometimes net especially when it comes to corner-kicks and strikers sometimes come back to defend.

When defending know and note that it’s the best opportunity for counter-attacks so position a player for that assignment and any ball you access connect such and the good news is that he or someone else could net and if they don’t it will make your opponents wary of their backyard.

And the more they know they have another assignment behind the better for you. Defenders defend like you’ve got no keeper; Daniel prepare, be ready, behave like you’ve got no defenders.

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