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CAP (Clerics and Pulpit)

Charity begins at home and clerics must start from the root. The person in the mirror and your family.

If God trully called you sure the devil and his armies will come for you but if you say “I do” to him and wine and dine with him and his servants, agents you are now a proud member of his political party. his tools, skills, weapons of destruction.

One thing is to know your weakness, another is to arrest by taming or resigning your appointment. As a cleric if you consistently soil your white fabric, sacred office, and also soil those under you and the religion and worship centre you belong it’s advisable you quit. Please quit!

Christianity doesn’t encourage or endorse two or more wives worse still for clerics and in the light of this leave the pulpit and go into business or entertainment and by so doing you can marry as many wives as you want NOTE however that even at that sexual assault or molestation (dating under-aged demographic) will land you in jail in a sane and safe society.

If you forcefully had the carnal knowledge of someone 40 years ago when you were 40 which makes you 80 now if you are found guilty you will pay the price – yes jail-term.

The abused had been mentally imprisoned and suffering for y-e-a-r-s while you were simultaneously enjoying your freedom and possibly abusing and imprisoning others along the way so the issue of the crime was committed many years ago doesn’t count. Some might have committed suicide, the bruised self-esteem of many had made them very cheap and when a woman perceives herself as commodity in the market her life will go haywire.

The car whose brake fails will behave abnormally after all it’s mentally challenged. And when the centre can no longer hold things will automatically fall apart!

Many in commercial sex profession had this horrible, terrible experiences as minors, adolescents, even young adults and adults. Many had contracted STIs, some aborted … sex is food to someĀ  ….

In rounding off as a cleric, brother or elder in Church, alfa or Imam in Mosque … charity begins at home and your gospel MUST begin from your home but if it didn’t go back. And go back now!

No one knows Osho’s mother more than Osho himself … in other words members of a family know themselves much more. Have you preached to your siblings, parents, children, cousins and see to the transformation of their lives?

It doesn’t take long to know good and bad.

Assignment for you!

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