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How Time Disposes Our Proposals.

This man’s cane was wide awake while he was asleep.

We propose many theories in life but many times, time disposes. Basir a bachelor wakes up many times to see that his manhood was awake and rioting while he was asleep. And he concludes that his ‘troublesome cane’ was jobless, lazy, sleeping and snoring hence full of energy therefore wide awake in bed while he was asleep in same.

Basir finally got married and his wife, Aminat was servicing and converting his cane to sugarcane for both of them to relish.

Anticlimax. @ image: the experience of Basir when he woke up one morning to find his cane carrying placards and protesting meanwhile his cane wasn’t starved in any way whatsoever.

Shola felt her boyfriend, Bolaji became aggressive because he lost his job but when he got a better job but he never changed, in fact he got worse and months later Shola found out that that was his way of saying, “I’m done with you!” Shola’s best friend Damola (f) had heard Bolaji talking to his friend Biodun (m) in a supermarket.

Let’s hear Bolaji’s mind. It was a big supermarket and Bolaji didn’t spot Damola let alone noticed she was hearing their conversations.

“… Padi e that stupid girl refused to leave me o. In fact she’s the first lady that will not leave me after being subjected to consistent humiliation and I don’t want my real woman, my First Lady to catch me.¬† Does she expects me to open my mouth and say, ‘Shola I’m done with you, vacate my life? That superglue mumu girl is big parasite to me. Abbey what can I do?”

Despite using all sorts of insecticides to stop mosquitoes and malaria they multiplied … and Onome felt her new apartment was the head-office of mosquitoes in the whole city because it was close to a canal but on a Saturday like this when she was doing sanitation she discovered the whole nets on her windows had injuries of all sorts¬† ….

How many theories have you advanced in the past but you later knew it was wrong because time later proved you wrong!

Let me test you now – did I say today is Environmental Sanitation Day? Hmmmm this is mild but misinterpretation of the Holy Books is dangerous to humanity.

Good morning.

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