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Interviews: Memorable April Fool’s Prank.


Deceit, scam, pranks … are all bad but a day is set aside on annual basis to share and celebrate pranks with our loved ones, the world over. Though some go overboard and end up abusing the privilege many of us don’t but one thing is common to all, we stage it ONLY on April 1 and we also divulge the truth in the end.

As we continue our interviews (series) on scam and deceit we decided to digress to enjoy the version full of fun and laughter. April Fool pranks. Let’s access some of them.

“I can’t forget this particular edition of April Fool. I’m an undergraduate and I was in the exam hall writing my normal exam when my best friend came to inform me that the exam of my carryover course had commenced. You know what I rounded off this particular exam submitted instantly without finishing and ran out of the hall to go resolve my outstanding issue … I later discovered it was April Fool’s prank. I was disappointed and I still want to have my pound of flesh.” Blessing


“April Fool’s Day is overrated in Nigeria anyway, my uncle’s fiancée at the time called him on April 1 and said she was at his door and when my uncle went to the door and found out she wasn’t there he was confused and his fiancée called back to tell him she just played a fast one on him. (LOL). April’s fool gimmick can actually mend or build bridges and in some cases it could trigger bitterness so it’s advisable people don’t take it to the extreme.” – Busayo Oyinloye.

Happy Sunday to you all.


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