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The Grace and Mercy of God.

God is the doctor of immunity (mercy) and the author of humanity (grace).

Grace is gifts of blessings you don’t deserve while mercy is immunity against the punishment you deserves.

Mercy: Ella had led a reckless lifestyle, in that from the age of 16 when she became sexually active to 26 when she renounced the dirty lifestyle she had slept with nothing less than 15 men and in 70% of cases she didn’t use contraceptives yet she never contracted HIV or any other STI and never got pregnant. Pathetically the first sex of some wasn’t lovemaking but violent sex (rape) for some it was STI or unintended pregnancy and all experiences in some few cases. Need I say we can see, feel mercy in Ella’s life.

Note: You’re not Ella so don’t take foolish risks just one unsafe sex could lead to issues in your own case and so on.

Grace: Rafael doesn’t have to go on 7 day fasting and prayers, he needs not observe prayers from 12am to 5am nor read the Bible page-to-page (from Genesis to Revelation) two times in a year … before God uses him as GSM.

Mercy: Phil didn’t prepare for a particular course in his final exams in college and the questions he met in the exam hall were foreign to him so much so that if he had scored 25% he would have said it was a mistake and perhaps 2.5% was his true score but for the mistake.

The exam was cancelled and they were told to come back for same in exactly 3 weeks.

Mercy: Onome’s mum had used many for rituals to access quick fame and fortune; her dad was also the leader of an organized crime which specialized in gun-running, drugs, child and women trafficking and modern-day slavery and Onome their only child would have suffered the consequences and even become the seed to transmit the curse to three other generations but she was spared and also cleansed. Her parents suffered the consequences alone.

Photo credit: cornerstonewylie.org


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