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In the News. Orangutan Gets Pregnant for Zoo Staff.

Mother orangutan with baby.

When a lion and tiger mate liger is the result but man and orangutan is worse-off. When a zoo attendant (man) abuses his office (by sleeping with an orangutan) the result is alarming and the news heartbreaking.

Are we going to label the product ‘humgutan,’ nope!

This is a context where many of us who are anti-abortionists will chant ‘Abortion!’ to the question,  what next?

Just as we have cat family – lion, tiger, cheetah … apes are our cousins after all they are the closest to us. Incidentally a zoo-keeper abused an orangutan and she gossiped the illicit affair to the whole wide world by getting pregnant and the news is trending online, offline.


Photo credit: social media


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