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Month: July 2019

Summer Break is Here!

School pupils. The long vacation (close to 8 weeks) is here and as responsive and responsible parents what are your plans? The good news is school runs will be suspended for some weeks … before summer coaching begins and for…

Playing by the Rules (feat. CR7 in Brushing-mode).

CR7 on the pitch playing (sorry) brushing his football. Leg-over on the pitch is allowed, in fact it’s a plus, applause but leg-over on a tooth is a minus, mistake which could attract red card …. Play safe. Abide by…

Spiritual Aspects of our World.

Crawling – toddling – walking – running defines the processes in a child’s locomotion. Serpent in the Holy Books was inspired, manipulated by a negative force and it bagged God’s curse and ended up being demoted. We all know what demotion means!…

Super Eagles Goalkeeper Daniel Akpeyi on the Spotlight.

Dan Akpeyi. No one was born a genius though the soil that will accept and nurture instructions had been laid at conception but if appropriate seeds fail to drop on the soil the soil could be vacant ideally no vacuum…

Thank You Google (Just Google it!)

Google logo It’s a manual, shopping-mall, workshop, lecture-room, auto-biography, biography, library, gallery, market, calendar, clock, radio, video … so what’s it? The oil magnate in Texas; the tourist in Kenya; the executive in Lagos … all search Google to research…

July 29 2019-Monday Morning in Barcelona, Spain.

Traffic in cities is like oxygen in air. Spain is career football and Barcelona, Madrid are homes of football. It’s 9:00am in Spain; 8:00am in Nigeria. Morning vs. evening traffic. Morning version of traffic  is usually tense and nervy after…

Monday Morning (Peace for Syria).

Traffic in Syria when peace had place in Damascus, Syria. Work and school count in peace and tranquility and we pray for peace, lasting peace in Syria. The time is 9:40am in Syria; 7:40am in Nigeria, July 29, 2019. Photo…

Monday Morning in Seychelles.

Traffic could be human or vehicular. See beautiful Seychelles … yes it’s a scenic island country in Africa. It’s 10:30am in Seychelles; 7:30am in Nigeria July 29, 2019. Photo credit: Stock Photos

Monday Morning (July 29, 2019) in Switzerland.

Traffic means bumper-to-bumper. Switzerland isn’t immune to rush-hour traffic and key cities like Geneva, Zurich have their fair share in the stake. It’s 8:20am in Switzerland; 7:20am in Nigeria this Monday morning, July 29, 2019. Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

Monday Morning in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Jeddah traffic on a Monday morning. It’s 9:00am in Saudi Arabia; 7:00am in Nigeria this last Monday in July 2019. Photo credit: http://live.saudigazette.com.sa

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