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‘The Whale that Wailed at Bayelsa Seashore’.

Whale being butchered by Nigerians in Bayelsa.

Yorubas say at the death of an elephant we behold all sorts of knives but the whale is the e-l-e-p-h-a-n-t of the sea and so we see all sorts of knives and axes … some days back in Bayelsa.

This is not the first time this is happening, a similar incident happened in 2017 or thereabout and Nigerians don’t care (if it died) how it died, when and where it died in so far as they can access its meat (fish) no sweat.

Too bad! Hunger can make people desperate.

Now some reports claim the whale had died before it was washed ashore while some say it was alive but killed by its attackers either way it’s alarming and disheartening. I was travelling on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway many years back when we noticed people carrying some items and walking hastily some seconds later we saw a lorry involved in an accident. It was carrying frozen fish and people from neighbouring town(s) besieged the truck and looted the vehicle.

Be that as it may blood attracts sharks, now how many of us feel some sharks could be lurking around some meters away but because the whale was close to the shore they couldn’t move closer?


The skeletal remains of the whale.

What is it that doesn’t end? The whale gone but some pots which cooked the fish are still full; some empty and praying for another free meal another day.


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