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Let’s Talk About Love and Life this Sallah (Customized for Newly-Weds).

Newly-weds showing gratitude to their guests at their wedding.

If there’s one crucial recipe you will need on your marital journey and intimacy it’s gratitude. The more you cherish your partner and appreciate God for blessing you with your better-half, your customized half, the more you care and want to care more and that makes you responsive and responsible as intimate-partner, and the more you want to express and extend attention, affection the more you actually do and sure you will reap the fruits of your investments.

Attitude of gratitude will contain contempt, bitterness, bad blood, it will gift you eyes that see good more than bad in your partner; self-love will gift you selflessness and this is license, permit, permission to generously gift unconditional love to your partner.

Know and note these:

No one is perfect, so paste it in your conscious mind that what you give is what you’ll get in your marriage. Be good and goodwill will follow you.

Many of us opt for divorce because we can, but sometimes what our partner did to us … is not as grave or serious as what our parents did but we never cut that bond because we couldn’t – maybe as it were.

Now under no circumstance should you feel your partner doesn’t deserve you … (s)he does no matter what. You married a human not an animal, so forget that man or woman out-there that you feel actually deserves you but ….

That ‘BUT’ is big deal, believe me! So delete the person completely. Burn the bridge and stay in your marriage, make it work and it will work. Every good thing demands sacrifice. Your good grades in college is one.

If you are having issues in your marriage the outside man or woman will appear as angel … ‘best foot forward syndrome’ … but should you divorce your partner and marry such … you might realize your partner was better-off but now it could be late.

The heart you know is better than the heart covered with arts, which you may never be conscious of. When the arts fall off you’ll see the true person and juxtapose but by then your partner could be gone, gone for good! Now truth be told some couples don’t just sync and not because they are bad but because they couldn’t form 5 and 6 in love, but at times therapists could help bridge their hearts, one step at a time.

Many grooms will attest to the fact that on their wedding day they saw very pretty women that perhaps they had never seen … and were wondering where those ladies were all along. Another demographic (some married men) will also testify to the fact that when they are driving with their wife besides them that’s when they see the hottest babes, coolest chic in town the most but when they are driving alone they hardly see such. Temptations.World filled to the brim with temptations. In that you wanted something but couldn’t … and that’s what? A challenge which is feasible. Your mind could be subconsciously set for an adventure and that mindset motivates you to go all out when you have the opportunity.

A child sees a candy in a shop but has no money … he goes home gets money (by hook or crook) and comes back for the candy. If he’s got money with him at the outset did you know that the candy may not be appealing to him? Adventure comes, peaks where a potential adventure was formerly suspended.

Your choice is your very best believe me but except of course you’re not content which is the beginning of contempt.

As couples you will hurt yourself no doubt but ‘plus and minus’ go together in life so when (not if) you  hurt your partner be human enough to seek forgiveness and repent but if you don’t seek forgiveness in words seek it in action by saying “I’m sorry non-verbally,” some women use sex in this regards and men use gifts, but above all evolve.

Don’t turn the bad you do to habit. If you delight in hurting your partner and you turn to habit then you’re no longer his better-half; you’re not her sweetheart but foe. Why would you love to see your partner in pains? That’s another version of witchcraft believe me!

We wish our newly-weds many anniversaries – 10, 30, 40, 50, 60 …. Conjugal bliss to you all.

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